Have you ever had an idea for a novel or book but never got it started? Or did you start a book but the fear of it being ‘accepted’ has kept you from moving forward?

For new and existing authors!

Have you written or plan on writing an amazing book but you just don’t know what to do next?

The join us!!! Learn everything you need to know from the essentials of marketing and advertising to getting your book sold!

Marketing and promoting starts even while your in the editing stages of your book.

Key Topics Discussed:

           - Marketing from A to Z and 959           - Promoting        -Advertising 

          - Publishing (Traditional and Self)           - Other Income Avenues              

                                               - And so much more..


 Hampton Inn  2 Pureland Dr  Swedesboro, NJ

 Sunday November 11th 9am-3pm

 Breakfast and Lunch Included)

 $65 includes meals and workbook